About Us
With a BA Hons degree in Human Resource Management, Neelam’s career background is based in finance. However, her ‘passion for fashion’ has always been in the foreground.
Fluent in French and qualified in reflexology, nutrition and weight management, Neelam has adopted a holistic approach to life. Practiced in yoga and pilates, Neelam enjoys spiritual reading and vegetarian food and is a long time advocate of organic food and healthy eating. Neelam has a similiar perspective in her astute eye for fashion, leading her and Anita to create Dressentials.

Anita has vast experience in the fashion industry. Starting as a window merchandiser Anita picked up vital tips on what looks good. Constantly asked about her unique sense of style and fashion, Anita formed her own successful brand. Now with Neelam and Dressentials the opportunity has arrived to pass on her wealth of knowledge and expertise to everyone.
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